Monday, October 22, 2012

In The Works

Working on my 2nd Visual Arts project.
I'm getting my last project back tomorrow so I can finally show you that in a little bit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fool Me Once

I am in need of a solid idea for my 2nd Visual Arts class project: Trickery!
So while I ponder, hoping to be subconsciously (however, undetectably) inspired by Radiohead, you can take a gander at the amazing photographers my prof. and TA showed us. 

I've selected my favourites:

(2 Above) Jeff Wall

(2 Above) Erik Johansson

(2 Above) Sam Taylor Wood

Monday, October 15, 2012


Ok Vancouverites,

If you were a little late on the rain gear have no fear! Although you have probably been little soaked since Friday...

Bikers going to and from our beautiful campus must be aware of the fact that a rain jacket just isn't enough. Get on those rain pants! They fit right over your jeans. I almost bought the North Face $80 high tech ones until I discovered MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) and got some sweet ones with reflectors for $45! Around Main St. it is the mecca (pun?you decide) of outdoor sports wear and equipment. AKA: Vancouver's identity in a store. (You will need to buy a $5 membership, but it's no big deal.) -->

One more lovely little thing I discovered today was this blog called Vancouver Cycle Chic. It's a street style blog for bikers! Love it! (It is an off-shoot of its Copenhagen counterpart, which in my opinion gives it undeniable street-cred.). -->

If you have completely dropped the ball and don't have a rain coat yet may I recommend Lululemon's Right As Rain Jacket. When I was home for Thanksgiving my Mom treated me to it and I have been in love with it since! It's COMPLETELY water proof (I waited 40mins for a bus in the the rain and was dry by the time I got to the party... but that's another story). Also Hunter boots are a must... as I'm sure you've noticed around campus.

Need a little air in your tires? I just discovered The Bike Kitchen on campus today (left of the basement SUB). Free air! -->

P.S. Odwalla smoothies are 2 for 1 @ Safeway! Love that stuff.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recipe: Leftover Salad

Hey Guys!
I was feeling inspired after seeing this recipe from one of my favourite blogs; Sweet Thing.
I came home and decided to finally use up my yams that had been sitting in the crisper for awhile, and I got to thinking of how many people still think salad consists only of lettuce, and a few chopped veggies. This one I made includes everything from chicken, to bean salad (yes, a salad within a salad).

Here's what I added:

A heaping handful of Arugula
1 chopped Avocado
Bean Salad reminence
Left over Chicken Strips
2 chopped and roasted Yams
       (roast in olive oil+Salt&Pepper around 400F (200C) until they get nice and brown)
Drizzle some Olive Oil and Balsamic over top
Finish with a smattering of Goat Cheese

Optional: Nuts! Unfortunately I didn't have any, but they would have been good!

Included are a few magazines I'm reading. I love this Peppermint Magazine, (out of Australia) about style, sustainability, and substance. I am not telling you how much I paid for it, but I don't care- it was worth it! And I can't wait for Perks of Being a Wallflower! If you haven't read it do so. NOW!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

My first trip home felt more like a vacation than anything. My mom treated me to dinner at the Blind Angler in Peachland (excellent) and a few other goodies. We spent everyday taking walks with Kitty, perusing the Farmer's Market, and of course indulging the taste buds (it's Thanksgiving Weekend, come on!). 
Then came the coma-inducing feast at Grandma's house, complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce. 
It was a simple weekend, that is probably why it was so lovely.
By the way, the best crepe recipe is here->French Crepes