Thursday, September 20, 2012

Canon Love

How's everyone's week going? I always loved Thursdays, perhaps even more than Fridays; because you have a longer time to get excited about the weekend. My weekend looks pretty low key... However! I have some excellent news that will help me fill it right up. The day before last I finally purchased my long-awaited Canon T3i DSLR (LSD, lol Tuuli) camera!!! I am already in love at the very first few shots. Don't get excited yet citizens- I'm still using it on Auto for now. Since I got it at Broadway Camera (in Vancouver) I get a free lesson on Saturday. So I'm going to take advantage of that, and then we can start to see some amazing shots. Until then we can marvel at it's first image... and if you know me, you'll know the subject of that image was- food! 

On another high-tech note, I have put in a new gadget on the sidebar of the Blog, perhaps you've noticed? Yes, my Insta-obsession is carrying through to other realms of the internet. The most current image on there (if you are to look at it when I post this) is a picture of the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I was scouring Chapters for something to read between classes that wasn't so serious/technical. This was the perfect fit! It also continues my complete admiration and religious viewing of the BBC mini series Sherlock. If you haven't seen this, just watch the first episode and you'll be hooked. Everything about the show is done to perfection, cinematography, script, cast... 
And while we are on the subject a few other shows that are on my top 10 (maybe I should post a list sometime..) Breaking Bad and The Good Wife. I've heard incessantly about Game of Thrones, and should be watching that... maybe when I am done with the last season of The Good Wife.

Quick Student Recipe Idea: Whole Wheat Bagel with low fat Cream Cheese, Turkey slices, Tomato, and (the super food) Avacado! (I eat an Avacado a day, read the health benefits here! They are so easy and yummy to incorporate into wraps, sandwiches and salads)

I left the photo unedited, so we could bask in DSLR glory

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