Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Found It!

Welcome to the new Blog!

I have been missing the weekly (ok, sometimes daily) updating and documentation! 
To fill you in on my current situation:
I have been accepted to UBC (and now live in) Vancouver!
Yaaaaay! I'm finally in my favourite city, (at least Canadian city but it is definitely in the running for "all time fav").

I can't wait to get started on showing you the ah-mazingness of Vancouver! Which will be artiscically improved with the purchase of my new camera... soon to follow. For now I will be relying on the trusty iPhone&Instagram combo that must suffice. 

You can hope to be entertained from this Blog with local and cultural aspects of Vancouver, such as:

Site seeing

Shopping (you know me)
Student life
Student cooking ideas

And more! (That I'm sure will come to mind)
Lastly, thank you to all of my followers from Austria: A Film Maker's Story and if you are getting sentimental (as I have once or twice) please refer back! (It's still there!)

Meanwhile, in current events, I am going to the exhibition: Carrying on "Irregardless": Humour in Contemporary Northwest Coast Art at the Bill Reid Gallery tonight. 

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