Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Big Leagues

So the football game today was fun, even though none of that fun was made possible by the sport itself. I mostly (ok wholly) go to football games to: a) people watch b) laugh at hecklers c) hang out with the person beside me. People watching remains one of my favourite sports, (second to volleyball, of course) and I think it never gets old. Having that awkward hour between classes that really isn't enough time to work, and not enough time to go home, I am a frequent people-watcher. Campus life is turing out to be comfortable so far, as I explore the grounds for warm and cushioned hangouts. (Buchanan A second floor "lounge" area is a nice one, also the ground level of the Geography building has some couches, and since nobody can find the Geography building in the first place it would probably be a nice one to go to for some quiet- I'll have to check it out mid-day sometime.)
Probably the best news I've had all week is the prospect of joining a REC volleyball team. I got the tip from a friend of mine (thanks Katja!) and will be looking forward to some team sport! My life just feels so complete when I am playing volleyball.
Then I stopped by a sushi place on 10th (across form Safeway) and picked up the special for $6! Oh yeah- Vancity sushi. This was in a redemption effort of my salmon steak fail yesterday (never buy a salmon in the 50% off bin). If you end up checking it out get the tempura yam roll, yum! And right next to it happens to be a Starbucks. Guess what I found... Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix! (Which is like my crack)
So all in all another productive day? I did do a little reading... but that's student life.

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